Wednesday, March 20, 2013

In Need of Will Power

... And we fell off the wagon.

Well, I fell off the Whole30 wagon. Fix never really climbed on.

He loved the idea of it. We both got really excited for it. I did a ton of research on it.
Thursday I went and bought a bunch healthy and clean food and Friday we started the challenge. I enjoyed breakfast, lunch and dinner a lot more than I thought I would. Fix enjoyed them too, as well two slices of pizza.
He came home from work all sheepish "Sam...Blonde girl... I... I cheated. I'm sorry I'm weak. Pizza is my weakness...and I am weak..". He was forgiven of course, with the provision he stay away from naked, nubile blondes holding pizza. No need to test all the man's weaknesses. 
Saturday came and went, I enjoyed the food and was enjoying knowing that I was eating well, even though I wanted cheese on top of everything.
 Luckily Jocelyn agreed to act as my Whole30 sponsor, you know, to get me through the rough spots. I was feeling pretty good about myself. And then Fix came home.

"Umm. Sam... Pretty little thing... "
Yep. They had pizza at Harley for a second day in a row.

We did just find on Sunday. And Monday. But Tuesday was Fix's 28th birthday. And I'm back to working for the first time in a month and a half and working is hard and we went to Lestat's with his friends to celebrate and there was this apple cheesecake there. Just. Taunting us. The little cheesecake floozy just begged to be eaten, what with the container pulled back to show a little bit of golden crust and an apple topping, all glazed and sugary for a night on the town.

So Tuesday we didn't so much fall off the wagon as much as jumped head first into cheesecake.

Today we had resolutions. Shamefully climbed back on the wagon and kept our heads low. Ate our eggs mixed with spinach and olives and mushrooms. Ate our chicken with carrots and radishes. We even enjoyed the meals. (ps. everything. everything. should be cooked in coconut oil. all things. cooked in coconut oil. from now on).  But lunch was as far as we made it. We had stayed out way too late celebrating and I had hurt my back and spent the day in agony as I frantically tried to pass my EMD test (EMT training for dispatchers) and the idea of grocery shopping and then cooking made me dizzy with anticipated pain. So Fix came home to a mostly comatose Sam on the floor with a pillow under my knees.

He had my favorite sandwich and soup delivered, along with running to the corner store and picking up oreo's. Because I was hurting and that's how he takes care of me.

After, much later, we discussed a new game plan.
Similar to the first but with a little more leniency. I really enjoyed the recipes and all the coconut oil cooked veggies but Fix found it a little bland.  So I'm going to follow the Whole30 for about  95% of the time, while Fix is going to follow the paleo diet.  Maybe in a few weeks we'll have more will power and try it again. Maybe in a few veggie filled weeks we won't need to.

It's hard to be regretful when my belly is full of cookies and soup and I'm curled up on the couch in my closet by the sea. There's been a lot of changes in the last few weeks. My food habits can wait another week.

Friday, March 15, 2013

A Clean Start

There is a million things to write about.

I should write about settling in, slowing down and unwinding in our closet by the sea.
I should write about the new and interesting characters that are wandering into my life.
I should write about goodbyes, and how I'm terrible at them.
I should write about the goals that I'm setting for myself.
Instead, I'm going to write about food.

I'm a foodie. I adore all food.Except cherries. And mayo.
Fix is a foodie too. And I adore that about him.
Finding the right combination of admiration of food and being healthy is hard though. We've tried to compensate by working out harder and that works to a degree. However, between the move, a minor surgery, Fix finishing school and the deathly flu that put me in bed for a week, all pretenses of working out or caring what we eat were dropped. Thrown out the window really.

So now we are moved into our closet by the sea. Things are slowing down, we're easing into a routine and having time to realize that take out can't always be the answer. Even if it's fantastic indian food from just around the corner. Or amazing breakfast food down the block. And while the sushi joint next to us is a healthier option, it's a little rough on our wallets.  We both agreed that we needed to take a breather and detox a bit. The fabulous Jocelyn and Erin had previously done the Whole30 challenge and raved about it. The Whole30 is basically a nutritionally reset for your body. You only eat healthy, clean foods. It's giving up dairy and grains and sugar, even when they are just miniscule ingredients in otherwise good food. Initially I wasn't too keen on the idea. Give up cheese and chocolate? Never! I love them too much. But then I realized that loving them too much was part of the problem. What I like about trying the Whole30, is not only does it kind of detox your system, but it helps get rid of those cravings, the need for a bite of sugar after a meal or the need to cover everything in cheesy goodness. And it's only for 30 days. I can do 30 days. I think.


Since I am amazing at justifying my actions, and giving up sugar (chocolate!!) is going to be hard on me,  I'm making sure to let as many people know as possible that we're trying this. Fix and I are determined to do this for thirty days but we're also weak willed. So hopefully this will hold me accountable. Also, I'm hoping this will get me back in the habit of writing again. Hopefully I'll start off by writing about the food and how I feel and it'll lead to other musings.

Monday, March 4, 2013

It's a Numbers Game

6 Nights since we moved here

12 Boxes still unpacked

500 Square feet to live in

8 Restaurants that are walking distance from our place

2 Hours spent at a Lestat's Coffee shop with friends

3 Bookshelves bought

7 Total bookshelves now

2 60lb dogs that we are pretending are 40lbs (oops sorry landlord)

15 Times a day one of us exclaims "We live here now!"

0 Places to park

3 Episodes of Dr.Who watched

8 Times exploring the neighborhood while walking the dogs

2 Sushi dates

6 Unfortunate incidents involving me getting lost while driving

Ok it's actually been more like 10 incidents

1 Motorcycle ride 

In Sunny San Diego