Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Reasons I heart Jess And Travis

Text messages between Jess and I

Sam: Oh no! Barely Balanced* isn't going to be at the ren faire this year! How am I supposed to sex Medium** up if he's not there?

Jess: He prolly has cholera or syphillis or the consumption or whatever STD ran around in the 16th century anyway. Count it as a blessing that the temptation is taken away from you.

Sam: OMG you are fantastic.
Sam: Wait, I lied, they are coming! Shit, now I need to start starving myself

Jess: Sam! Cholera!! Just remember Cholera!
Jess: I mean yay, they'll be there

Sam: Jess... Cholera is an infection of the small intestine passed by dirty water.. So I think Meduim and I are safe

Jess: Did you google that? You googled that.

*Barely Balanced is a kick ass acrobatic preformance group
**Medium is the stage name of my future ex boyfriend


Travis: Death is after me. I've had three close calls today. One of which turned into an accident for the other guy.

Sam: Maybe death got confused and thinks you're Harry Dresden. You should wear a name tag.

Travis: That's a case of mistaken identity I could live with.
Travis: ...erm, till I die that is.
Travis: HOLY CRAP Somebody ELSE just about ran into me!


Travis: I'm worried. Have our ancestors desecrated any tombs that I don't know about?

Sam: Not sure about our ancestors. But we should probably check with Tanner