Thursday, October 29, 2009

I started P90X again. I'm on the second week. Which means Yoga once a week.

Have I mentioned how much I hate yoga?

Great Expectations

I hate when I have internet problems. Going a week without internet makes me feel disconnected. And then when I finally have access once again I don't know how to start writing again. Or maybe that's just an excuse. I've found there are times when I write almost daily. Then there are times when it's hard to write once a week. I guess this is just one of those weeks.

I have officially clocked 40 hours of work at the new job. The job that has been my goal for a little over a year. The job that will supposably put me on the path to my dreams. The job that will allow me to make lots of money, go to school and enjoy what I do (somewhat). Don't feel pressured JOB, I'm sure you'll be great.

So what are my thoughts on the new job so far?

I like it. I haven't actually done anything yet, mostly just listening to 911 calls and studying the radio codes so I can super sneaky things like "The 101 is 10-17" or "Yeah, I'm Code 4 thanks to the 647T". Wait, I think that last one says I'm ok thanks to the transit. Err. Like I said, I'm still learning.

But it's exciting. The calls are interesting, sometimes exasperating and sometimes heartbreaking. This job may make me lose my faith in people, but that was waning anyway.

I know it will be hard. And it will be stressful. But that's ok. It's been a while since I've really felt challenged by something. It will be good for me.

Plus the paycheck will rock.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Continue that train thought please...

It's not that I forgot about this blog, I've just been a tad bit busy.
Busy doing nothing in Mexico. Which was fabulous.

Now, where were we? Oh right. Books.

I'm a Book person. We're a particular group of people. We come in all shapes and sizes. Some of us love libraries. Some of prefer old used bookstores while others are Barnes and Noble snobs. We're a little hard to define. For instance: does someone who only reads anima get to be considered a Book person? To qualify does one have to quota to read each month? I'm not sure. What I do know is that when I meet someone I know pretty quickly if they are a Book person or not. Somehow we recognize each other.
And we know when you're faking too. So put your copy of Twilight away. We're on to you.

I can't tell you if Book people are born or created. Would I be a Book person if my family hadn't moved as much as we did? If we had stayed in Orem all my life would I be a Quilt person? Or would I still have spent my childhood begging my mom to go to the library again. My poor mother didn't know what to do with me. I think she found a reading list of classic literature for high school students and just started recommending them to me when I was in the fourth grade. So my reading career went something like this. Pre-reading on my own -Serendipity books, 1st grade to 4th grade -The Baby Sitter's Club, 4th grade -Victor Hugo, Dickens, The Bronte Sisters and so on. I devored the classics. By high school I knew that Hemingway was overrated, Edmund Dantes was dreamy in a brooding, emotionally unavailable sort of way, and that rebellions as whole seem to cause lots of suffering before they achieve any good. I had acquired a massive vocabulary that I couldn't really pronounce cause I had only read the words and never heard them spoken aloud. I would say phrases that were slightly out of date. In junior high I was nervously conversing with a cute boy about a teacher we both hated and I said "oh yeah, she's awful. I hate her with a fiery passion." I think he laughed at me for a solid five minutes.

In high school I met Matt, who was another Book person. But Matt was a fantasy Book person. He introduced me to Robert Jordan and I nearly failed math as a result. I spent a good few years ransacking book shops in search of good fantasy. Then I slid into a history phase, reading books that were so dry I was afraid they'd start a brush fire. Yet I loved them. I met another Matt and he wasn't much of a Book person but he liked memoirs and he gave me a taste into that world, which is the phase I'm currently in.

So you see, I've always considered myself a fairly well rounded Book person.

Two weeks ago I was visiting some dear friends in Utah. We started discussing books, cause we're prone to do that. In the course of the conversation Andy and Lachelle mentioned several authors and books that.. well, I had never heard of. I felt my face go red. It was if we were all movie fanatics (which we are as well, but thats not the point) and they suddenly started to discuss their favorite war movies and I realized Saving Private Ryan was the only war movie I had seen. It didn't matter how many other movies in other genres I had watched. I was woefully lacking in the war department. I'm not used to feeling inadequate in the literature department. I'm not great at ball sports. I'm kind of flighty, my life plan changes daily. But books, books, that I'm good at. I felt the urge to go to a bookstore immediately and read all the books that Andy mentioned, just so I could catch up. So I could be smart, like them.

Then I realized.
It's ok that I haven't read the same books as them. It's ok that I haven't hit that phase yet. I may never hit that phase. Lachelle and I may never see eye to eye on books. That doesn't make me less of a Book person. It's ok that I prefer classics, and noire and urban fantasy. I'm a Book person, it's not like we're at the top of the cool chain.

Besides, I'm pretty sure Andy and Lachelle love me despite the lack of similar reading tastes.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I freely admit to blog stalking. It's a sickness.

My damn curiosity + my fascination with people + my need to read + books being expensive = blog stalking.

It can't be helped.

I love reading blogs. It doesn't matter if I know the authors or not. It doesn't matter if it's well written (though it helps). It doesn't matter if the blog is all pictures.I like pictures. I'll read it. And if I like what I read, I'll revisit that blog as often as it's updated. In fact, I'll get annoyed if it's not updated often enough. And by "enough" I mean two or three times a week.

Which means that you, Miss Taylor AND Miss Lachelle, are in the red for not updating enough.

Andy, you're doing fantastic.

In fact, the whole reason I started a public blog was because I felt guilty about how I was sneaking around the blogs, hiding in the shadows, getting to know all these fabulous people, while they have no idea that I am silently applauding their recent diet efforts or that I too think their hair cut is fabulous ps thanks for posting pictures. I suppose I felt it was only fair to share myself with the blog world as well.

Why the sudden need to confess you ask? Well because I read a blog entry that I not only sparked my interest, but sparked a train of thought of my own. And some of you that read my blog and read hers will see the common themes. So I figured I'd confess now instead of you drawing your own conclusions and think I'm some creepy blog stalker. Which I am. But that's not the point.

So the lovely blog entry I read can be found here - . No I don't know her, but I find her to be absolutely delightful. I was overjoyed to read this perticular entry because I too am a Book People. And we Book People love reading about others like us. We love talking to other people like us. We like knowing that we are not alone in this big XBox world we live in.

I'm going to stop here. It's getting late and I realized this entry was a little more then I can chew/write in one sitting. So here's some homework. Read the above blog entry. And tomorrow or possibly the day after (let's be realistic, the day after) I will post my thoughts about the said blog. Sounds good? Good.

Goodnight moon.