Monday, March 26, 2012

Good Idea, Bad Idea

Good Idea: Getting a new place that is a better size for Jess and I. And a better price

Bad Idea: Moving fee's

Good Idea: Buying a new more reliable car

Bad Idea: Downpayments and higher monthly payments

Good Idea: Drinking Margaritas while unpacking boxes

Bad Idea: Crooked pictures because of said margaritas

Good Idea: Deciding to wait to fix broken laptop because money is tight

Bad Idea: Not having a laptop for two months and counting

Good Idea: Sunday dinners with the family

Bad Idea: Actually there's no bad side to this

Good Idea: Forcing myself to workout four times a week

Bad Idea: Sore...All...The... Time

Good Idea: Buying a Puppy

Bad Idea: Never sleeping again. And watchign my carpets being slowly destroyed

To sum up, Jess and I (and Raine and Londyn and Locksley) are happily adjudsting to our new home and new routines. We're mostly broke and slightly sleep deprived. There's been a lot of days at the park, a lot of movies at home and a lot of reading. Adventures are to resume shortly (hopefully)

How I plan to spend all my money this summer:

1-2 weeks in Costa Rica with the lovely Miss Erin
Scattered trips to Cali beaches
More work on my sleeve
A trip to the New York area to see Lachelle and then Sully and his wife
Fix my laptop
Buy a washer and dryer
Hike Zion
Put Locksley in agility training

Sooo it looks like I'll be working more overtime.
Don't worry social life, I'll be back one day