Wednesday, June 29, 2011


That my friends rock

Me - That's it! Andy sandwich!!

Jess, Liz and me attempt to suffocate Andy in a three way hug

Andy - Dammit, this always happens when I buy new clothes

Kevin - Umm, why does an Andy sandwich need three slices of bread?

Matt - Because there's just that much meat

Seriously awesome

Friday, June 17, 2011

Decisions and Decisions

Three years ago Responsible me lured Reckless me into chains.
It was simple really
Responsible me promised Reckless me that if she put on those chains just for a teeny tiny short little while, there would be all the travels and adventures she could dream of. And money! There would be money because the traveling would happen in correlation with a job.
She might have also promised beautiful men with handsome accents
And chocolate

Just because she's the responsible part of me doesn't mean isn't still me. Crafty bitch

It's been almost three years now.

In the quiet of the day you can hear the metal cage creaking.
The shackles groaning.

Reckless me is desperate to get out.
The adventures, the beautiful men, the chocolate... they all seem to far away
Too out of reach.

Reckless me whispers in my ear nightly
Whispers tales of immediate adventure

And Responsible me has gotten thin and sickly from taking on too much at once
She tries to voice the logic of the situation
She has charts and graphs
But Reckless me has photos of from past adventures to draw upon
And photos are so much more interesting to look at then graphs

I've never liked graphs

In a surprisingly grown up discussion, The Boy and I discussed the future
Both OURS and THE future
He made a valid point
"If you flee now, you'll have to chew off your arm to get out of the shackles you've placed yourself in
Sure you'll be free,
But you'll also be with only one arm
How far can you get on one arm?"

Damn you logic

Responsible and Reckless are at a mexican stand off

And I am at a loss

Saturday, June 11, 2011

My Dreaming Bleeds into My Waking World

I fell asleep unexpectedly.
And dreamnt harder then I have in a while.

The dream started with us unpacking in a hotel in Mexico. The Boy, Jess, Travis and some other friends who were faceless but clearly friends, all vacationing. There was excitement in the air. Yay vacation, yay beach, yay friends. This was our anthem.
Jess and I ran from the room, to play in the water.

And ran into your friends.
I would say "our friends" or even "my old friends"
But let's be honest, they were always "your" friends even before I left your world.

Jess continued out into the water, squealing and splashing the way she is wont to do.
I was frozen
Your friends turned to face me
And broke into smiles

The dream didn't give me specifics of our conversation.
It just left me with a warm feeling
And a nervous one.
Because without ever speaking your name, I asked
and they acknowledged that you were there too.

The dream fastforwarded, one day later... maybe two?
Everyone else had gone to the beach, I ran back to the hotel to change.
I'm not sure why, I'm sure dream me had some good reason.
As I was changing tops, I realized there was someone in the hotel

Turning around, I saw a male I didn't know. He was drunk and belligerent
Words were exchanged, I realized he's intentions were bad.
I started screaming.
Instantly the boy was there.
Like he always is when a hero is needed.
The Boy and the Stranger circled each other.
Blows were exchanged.
But The Boy couldn't hurt the Stranger too badly, even my dreamself knew that mexico police
didn't discriminate between victim and aggressor when it came to disturbing the peace
and The Boy didn't want anything to do with a mexican jail
So we were at an impass

Suddenly I knew, in the way you know things when you're dreaming,
You knew the stranger, and you could control him.
I looked around, at the crowd that was suddenly surrounding us.
And there you were

"Do something!"

And just like that, the fight was over.
I'm not sure how you stopped it, the dream didn't care
I just remember you walking away with him
All I could see was your back profile, getting smaller and smaller

The next day was a new one, a fresh one
Travis and I started off towards the beach in excitement
I knew there was no way I wouldn't run into you
And now we had something to talk about
other then the past

But we kept walking
"Was the beach this far away yesterday"

And then there was a pounding from the hotel door
The REAL hotel door.
The one in the waking world
The world I reside in
So I returned to it
Never having made it to the beach
Never knowing what you would have said