Monday, November 23, 2009

I'll never learn

I'm still in training. In fact, I'll be in training for most of the next year. Possibly the rest of my life. I'm not pleased with this. All this.. learning. At least there is no homework. Yet.

Amidst all this forced learning I've managed to learn two new things about myself. Both completely surprising.

I've learned that I like coffee. Well, that I like mocha's. Which I think is coffee but with lots of sugar and other stuff to make it less coffee like. So I guess you can say I like weak non coffee. But it's a step. Now for those of you who know me and have gasped "but Sam?! won't you be up all night? half a coke keeps you up all night!". Well don't worry about me. I've only had it very early in the morning, like at eight or nine am. So I'm wired for most of the day, and as long as I run at night I can manage to sleep. But thanks for worrying about me, you guys really are the best.

I discovered this tentative, bubble wrapped love affair with mocha just the other day. For work we had to do an eight to five day downtown for Ethics training. Which meant I had to be up far too early. Especially since we decided to ride the light rail in order to avoid dealing with traffic and parking. So I show up at the substation at seven thirty, cranky, sleepy and all around lovable as I generally am in the morning, sure that the day was going to be awful. But.. it wasn't. It was my first time on the light rail, and as corny it sounds, I really like riding public transportation. The people riding are always fascinating to watch and somehow my Ipod (thanks again for the shiny ipod Chris) played exactly what I needed to wake me up. Once we were off, we stopped at a local coffee shop. It was only a five minute walk from the light rail to the building we had to go to, so we had a little time. And it was nice. Really nice. Just walking down the street with a light wind, hot coffee and a comfy jacket. I could almost pretend like I wasn't heading to more training. And that's when I discovered the second thing about me.

I don't mind mornings.

Well, let me rephrase. I do mind mornings. My normal routine is to wake up twenty minutes before I have to be somewhere, curse at everyone who drives slower then me, slid into my seat and glower at the world. It then normally takes me about an hour to wake up fully and be a functional member of society.

But the other morning when I was forced to wake up extra early for that meeting I discovered that mornings can be kinda nice. They can start off relaxing and soothing. And all it would take is for me to be willing to wake up an hour early each morning. An hour that I could spend working out. Or eating a real breakfast. Or do my hair. Or just watching an episode of Buffy before I head off to work, all relaxed and put together.

So that night I set my alarm for an hour before I normally get up.
And the next morning I hit the snooze button until my normal time.

Which is I rediscovered something about myself. I'm just not a morning person. If I can sleep an extra ten minutes, I will. Even if I've had a full nights sleep. I'll stay up until I'm about to fall asleep on the couch (again) but I hate waking up before I have to. And even though I know how nice it is to have extra time in the morning... I can't do it. It's just not worth it to me. Not even if it means a mocha in the morning.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Things that I've been doing lately instead of writing:

1. Working 10 hour days 4 days a week.
2. Enjoying having 3 days off each week.
3. Sleeping. A lot.
4. Reading Flipping the Switch on Technologly by Eric Brende ( He and his wife move to an amish community. Its awesome. Plus, I feel strangely close to Lachelle and Manassah while reading it)
5. Stalking your blog and feeling let down when you don't update daily (Seriously, I have needs!)
6. Receiving my first paycheck with a ridiculas amount of money. Which all went to pay bills because I went two months without working.
7.Hating Tony Horton. Cheeky bastard
8. Having a kickass Halloween. Seriously. I have picture proof that my halloween was better than yours.